6promises to protect the quality

Finish construction work does not mean the completion of project

During the early stage of facility operation, there are many foreseeable problems occur such as mishandling of equipment, operating errors, etc.
Kaiser believes: project is completed only when all mechanical equipment is operated functionally.

Kaiser engineers stay onsite throughout equipment warranty period

To ensure customers have the best support when equipment errors occur, Kaiser engineers stay onsite to deal any technical problems. Especially, mechanical engineers can solve any water leaking problem as quick as possible.

Many warranty policies in place for 2-4 years

Based on project scales, many warranty policies Kaiser provides are 2-4 years, as well as provide periodical maintenance and inspection on production related equipment.
All these are longer than the warranty period from equipment producers.

Kaiser’s unique long warranty period shows its responsibility towards all Kaiser customers

10 years warranty on roof water infiltration

Warranty on roof water infiltration is normally 5 years, but Kaiser can provide the warranty for 10 years.
During the warranty period, Kaiser promises to send mechanical engineer immediately and provide solutions once problems are identified.

Customers’ satisfaction is the ultimate goal for Kaiser.

Voluntarily mechanical inspection to prevent equipment failure

The goal is to detect and prevent equipment failure, rather than solving failure after it has happened. Therefore, Kaiser provides voluntarily mechanical inspection once every 3 t=months.
Early detection and prevention mechanism on potential equipment problems bring more benefit to customers.

Kaiser’s voluntarily mechanical inspection service will help customers to run facility plant smoothly.

Strive for 101% customer satisfaction

Minor problem identified such as change fluorescent lamps during voluntarily mechanical inspection, Kaiser engineers will provide maintenance service free of charge.

Focus on detailed maintenance service, Kaiser strives to achieve “ultimate customer satisfaction”.

Provide training till customer can successfully operate equipment

To ensure long life-time of equipment, Kaiser provides instructions on equipment such as air conditionings, lighting fixtures, sanitary wares.
Although manuals from producers are available, but Kaiser will give details demonstration so that customers can get better understanding on how to use the equipment.

Customer can follow Kaiser’s detailed operating manual when personnel turnover

Technicians are normally given instruction demonstration on equipment maintenance and repair. But what happens when turnover on the technicians occur.
To prevent this problem happens, Kaiser makes unique instruction manual which ensures correct operation on equipment by following the step from instruction manual.

Handover documents consist of all project relevant files

Handover document contains all operation manual, statutory applications and construction related files, and total 3 hardcopies of handover document will be made.

When personnel turnover happens at customer’s company, new incomer can get all needed information form handover document. Also construction engineers’ contact information is included in handover document, just in case customer wants contact engineers at any time.

Coordinate with equipment producer to solve equipment failure problems

Kaiser will work together with equipment producers on any equipment failure problems, conduct investigation, search for solutions, and prevent the same problem happens again.


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  • 01.6promises to protect the quality

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