Start good design by putting customers' requirement into paperwork

We have prepared a questionaire with more than 100 items to know detailed requirements of the employer.

The questionare brings thoughts into practice.

In the early stages of a project, customers rarely raise detailed requirements, and what they have is only a general idea or several rough drawings.
Kaiser finalizes customers' obscure requirements into a substantial image after communication through the questionare of more than one hundred items.
After you go through each question, all doubts in your mind dissipate and necessary actions become clear. So how to build a plant/factory in imagination is affirmed.
Kaiser figures out the detailed requirements by virtue of answers in questionaire, and the requirements shall be reflected in actual design.

Kaiser helps clients to realize their ideas on new plants by analyzing their specification together with site situation.

Kaiser thinks more for customers by analyzing customers' achievements.

One way to substantiate clients' dreams and plans before design stage is to analyze their websites and products, as well as to study their existing factories to understand their expectations.
It is true that clients' achievements and existing plants incorporate their requirements and planning.
Through the questionaire, we integrate our understanding into the customers' ideal plan.

Brainstorming brings innovative thoughts.

Several staff members get together to exchange their ideas about the customer's website and product sample.
Discussion enables effective and comprehensive analysis of the information, and in the end one common conception and direction is formed .



  • 01.First step of designing
  • 02.For design satisfaction
  • 03.Detail drawing design
  • 04.Fast response to change

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