Detail design to realize quality management instead of relying on site decision

n the normal factory construction area, the design drawing will berefined down to the layout of each tile which is usually done by site representatives. But we have all the tiny details in our design drawing which allowsto give orders to the site construction.
Guarantee Kaiser’s design quality with rigorous design drawing.

All the staffs will check the accuracy of the drawings to make a complete pack of drawings about different professions.

If the drawings are designed separately by different departments, it may cause the layout conflicts in the construction process.
At the stage of designing, all the designers will review the drawings together, if there is any conflicts, so they can fix at the same time.

Validation procedures of the six-sided drawings

When we verify the accuracy of the drawings, Kaiser also needs to make six-sided drawings based on the plan in order to confirm all the amount of the equipment’s and height, etc.
In order to prevent the unexpected conflicts in construction, we will try to detail the drawings to show all the problems on drawings.


  • 01.First step of designing
  • 02.For design satisfaction
  • 03.Detail drawing design
  • 04.Fast response to change

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