Designers will stay on the site after the construction begins.

For Kaiser’s designers, once the design drawings are completed, they will stay in site until the project is completed. Because no matter how rigorous the design is, there are always situations we need to change the design drawings with the construction site environmental and cliens requirement changes.
Therefore, Kaiser’s designers will stay iin site after the construction starts to deal with all the changing issues.

Verify the site construction program changes;
Designers may change the design if necessary.

Kaiser’s design drawings are correct to be able to control amount of the construction materials, length and configuration etc. Despite of this, our site managers will always come up with optimized suggestions to improve the construction efficiency.
Just because our staffs stay on the site, once there are any reasonable suggestions, it will immediately be verified in aesthetic sense and functionality, if it is agreed, we can change the design anytime.


  • 01.First step of designing
  • 02.For design satisfaction
  • 03.Detail drawing design
  • 04.Fast response to change

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