Represent customers in procedures processing to ensure timely completion

Good reasons for us to be agent in procedures processing:

We help clients in government formalities processing which may delay the project completion in addition to concertrating on the project construction.

In China, it is more complicated for government procedures processing than in Japan, EU and US.
An inexperienced project manager may have to cope with government procedures while simultaneously having to learn more about application formality and documentation, which may inefficiently waste time.
Actually, procedures processing has become a bottleneck for most enterprises who come to China for industry investment.
With thoughts of helping customers overcome the bottleneck causing project delay, Kaiser employs agents in procedure processing.
We aim to prevent cumtomers' wasting manpower in learning and adjusting to procedures processing. After the customer delegates the work to Kaiser, he or she can engage more time and personnel in project promotion.

There is a complex procedural flow before commencement of construction.

Main permit for commencement procedures

Main application for completion handover
Completion needs procedure processing as well as commencement. Kaiser shall represent customers to do the processing work.

Kaiser accompany clients for construction project visiting

Before design, Kaiser offers precise quotations of project construction for customers.

Service Provider for Facilities Design & Build

  • 01.Support for selection of  project land
  • 02.Kaiser accompany clients for construction project visiting
  • Take care of all governmental procedures
  • 04.Before design, Kaiser offers precise quotations of  project construction for customers

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