Consultant service is provided for best selection of project land.

Based on many years of experience, Kaiser has established a comprehensive advice and support system for land acquisition.

Feasibility consulting and guidance on land selection

To acquire project construciton land, many factors must be considered.
For example, different government offices may put bans on certain types of industrial construction or limits on land use purpose without offering any information about such limitations.
Additionally, unexpected and hazardous situations may happen such as danger from improper medicinal disposal in surrounding factories.
Another situation difficult to foresee is that, while the government may deem a certain piece of land as generally acceptable for construction, the government may forbid actual construction on this land because of circumstances in the surrounding environment.
Making use of more than 10 years of achievements and profession knowledge, Kaiser provides excellent and accurate information about land investment, taking into consideration the integration of nearby enterprises, to give sound advice that has consistently resulted in high levels of client satisfaction.

Assistance in preparing application papers for land acquisition

After determinating a site for the project, clients must adhere to governemental procedures to actually acquire the land.
If the government denies the application, it will completely halt construction. Thus, construction completion is completely intertwined with procedural adherement.
Kaiser enables smooth procedural application. We provide the required application documents, offer written advice, and translate everything into English.

Through expedited processing of important projects, we shorten project completion periods.

What is an important project?
Although the government office holds bias for certain investment types, they will listen to Kaiser's appeal on other aspects such as if the project is good for nearby industry, related projects, or similar technology.
After the government determines the project as important, it will accept related procedural applications, and the application process can be simplified, resulting in a shorter project duration.

Advice on application for attestation of important project status
For customers who require procedural attestation because of investment type, we suggest immediate application.
We offer advice and assistance in processing applications of all documents.

Provide files of project starting process.

Procedures and required documentation vary according to plant dimensions and investmen type. During discussion of the project, Kaiser enacts a study on all program related variables and explains in detail all necessary actions, meanwhile taking full responsibility for complete documentation.

Service Provider for Facilities Design & Build

Kaiser accompany clients for construction project visiting

Service Provider for Facilities Design & Build

  • 01.Support for selection of  project land
  • 02.Kaiser accompany clients for construction project visiting
  • Take care of all governmental procedures
  • 04.Before design, Kaiser offers precise quotations of  project construction for customers

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